Please refer to the installation guide and download the latest release of AxisVM X5 commercial version.
After downloading, start axisvm_x5_install_eu.exe.


You may start the installation process from the startup window that appears in the Setup Wizard. Please follow the on-screen instructions.


Please read the license agreement carefully. By clicking “I Accept / I agree” you are agreeing/accepting to the terms and conditions of this License Agreement.


When installing the program on your system, by default it will be installed on system hard drive C:\ AxisVM X5, but also, you can change the default installation folder.
Changing the default installation folder.
In earlier versions, you may install the program to the folder C:\Program Files\AxisVM_X5 as well. But in this case, make sure you enable “Run as administrator” options for AxisVM.exe, AxisVM_x64.exe és az \IDTFConverter \DTFConverter.exe programs as well. Right-click on these programs and from ‘Properties’ menu, select ‘Compatibility’ tab. Activate "Run this program in compatibility mode’ checkbox. Find these programs in your system’s Start/Computer(Computer) menu, right-click on “Properties” in menu, then activate the above mention functions at ‘Privilege level’. Make sure you have access to the right to write to the C: \Program Files AxisVM_X5 directory. Select ‘Security’ tab to enable this function. (If you are logged in with administrator rights than you will have access to the function by default.)


On 64 bit operating systems the user can choose to install either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version of AxisVM. Installing the 64 bit version also copies the 32 bit version to the hard disk but no shortcut is created on the desktop for this file. On 32 bit operating systems only the 32 bit version is installed.

It is not recommended to install AxisVM under the c:\Program Files folder as the program placed there can be started only with administrative rights and there may be failures in running libraries like the 3D PDF generator.


The program is protected by a hardware key. Plug the key only after installation is complete, because certain operating systems try to recognize the plugged device and this process may interfere with the driver installation.
Latest driver version of hardware key (7.6.9 version) will automatically be installed. If you encountered problems (e.g. due to security settings of the operating system) you can install this driver later from the pop-up menu AxisVM5/Downloads/ Sentinel driver. Run install file with administrator rights.

Usage of network keys

If you have a network version you must install the network key. In most cases AxisVM and the key are on different computers but to make the key available through the network the Sentinel driver must be installed on both computers (local and server computers).
AxisVM program with a network license is shipped with an USB Sentinel Super Pro network dongle.


If AxisVM is launched on a client machine it begins to search the network for available network keys checking each computer running Sentinel Pro Server regardless if the key is plugged or not. It may slow down the search process. To improve the connection speed, it is recommended to create an NSP_HOST environment variable on the client machine, specifying the IP address of the computer with the key, e.g.: NSP_HOST =

In case of more than one network key it is possible to set the NSP_HOST1, ...., NSP_HOST5 environment variables identifying computers with keys.
The maximum number of keys that can be handled this way is five.

To run AxisVM on any computer on the network, SuperPro Server must be running on the server. If it stops, all running AxisVM programs stop.


AxisVM like many other Windows applications supports the Microsoft COM technology making its operations available for external programs. Programs implementing a COM server register their COM classes in the Windows Registry providing interface information.

You can use add-ons created for AxisVM by external developers – or yourself. To run these programs the AxisVM COM server must be registered in the Windows Registry. If you installed AxisVM with administrative rights this registration is already completed. If the registration failed you can run !Register_AxisVM.bat (on 32 bit operating systems) or !Register_AxisVM_x64.bat (on 64 bit operating systems) with administrative rights. 32 bit add-ons launch the 32 bit version and are compatible only with that. 64 bit add-ons can be used only on 64 bit versions.

To run AxisVM on any computer on the network SuperPro Server must be running on the server. If it stops, all running AxisVM programs stop.



IMPORTANT: Prior to run AxisVM, copy the X5 license file you received as an email attachment to the same folder on your computer's hard drive, where the software’s executable file (axisvm.exe) was previously installed.

The installer creates an AxisVM X5 icon on the desktop of your computer. By double-clicking on the icon, the program will start automatically. Otherwise, you may find and launch AxisVM X5 from the the Start menu of your system. First, open up Start > All Programs, and search through the menu for the program. Simply click on it to start AxisVM X5.

Depending on the security settings of the operating system a security warning may appear. Click on Yes and continue.

If AxisVM does not start set user rights as follows:

Click the right mouse button on the AxisVM icon.

Select Properties from the popup menu.

Go to the Compatibility tab, and check.

Run this program as an administrator If you have administrator rights but the program does not start check the following issues:

If a message is displayed with an error code, please check if the hardware key is properly connected and the green LED is lit.

If no light can be seen the USB port may be out of operation. If no message appears, but the program does not start check your antivirus program (see below).


Certain antivirus products running on the PC can send a false alarm during installation. This is caused by heuristic algorithms searching for virus-like activities. These algorithms may detect the operation of the special protection system of AxisVM and send a false alarm.

If this happens you can do the following:

If the antivirus product put AxisVM.exe into quarantine, restore it.

Add AxisVM.exe to the exceptions (files not checked by the antivirus software).

Reduce the sensitivity of the heuristic check on the control panel of the antivirus product.

The VirusTotal website offers antivirus check of 47 different products.


Both AxisVM.exe (32-bit version) and AxisVM_x64.exe (64-bit version) can be started in safe mode entering axisvm.exe /SAFE or axisvm_x64.exe /SAFE in the command line. It is recommended to start AxisVM in safe mode in the following cases:

Graphic card or driver problems,

If problems are detected in multithreaded mode,

If AxisVM hangs when trying to recover the latest file damaged in a crash,

If a plugin or add-on module causes errors.

If any, in addition to the above errors may occur, please contact InterCAD at, +36.1322.9072.


It is recommended to install the new version to a new folder. This way the previous version will remain available.

Models created in a previous any version are recognized and converted automatically. Saving files will use the latest format by default. Saving files in the file format of one of the previous is possible but this way the information specific to the newer versions will be lost.


Models created with previous AxisVM versions (if applicable) will be converted into the current version file format when you open files for the first time. Therefore, they are all compatible with X5 version.

Models saved in the latest version format cannot be opened by previous program versions. The File / Save As / File Format command offers to save your model in earlier formats of the program.


AxisVM is available in nine different basic configurations that will vary according to the user’s rights to the access of the number of finite elements or the applicable calculation method. The Standard version of the program offers a limited capacity at an affordable discount price, while the Professional version has no capacity limitations regarding the size of models.

Capacity of Small Business Version: 250 beam or 500 truss elements, max. 1500 rib elements, 2000 surfaces (membranes + plates + shells).
The intuitive graphic user interface for model building and editing and results display is included in all configurations.
Thanks to the configurative design of AxisVM, engineers are free to choose their own modular design tools. AxisVM offers benefits such as reduction in cost or flexibility in design according to their project’s needs or budget, by means of customizing different volumes of capacity and add-on modules.



AxisVM Light offers the perpetual option of using the software with limited capacity of elements for free of a charge, without any time limit.



The full-featured evaluation version is absolutely free for 30 days. All modules are included. It is available only once for each program version.